Wendigo accepts long fiction, particularly novels, in any genre, for teens and young adults. Submissions should be written in standard English, without numerous Anglicised loan-words from other languages, and without numerous neologisms in the case of genres such as science fiction and fantasy. Characters and identities should mainly be drawn from non-western contexts. Plots, settings and themes should mainly reflect non-western cultures, places, experiences, subjects and issues. Alternately, characters and plots should mainly reflect the identities and experiences of mixed western and non-western characters in mixed western and non-western settings, and address a mix of cultural identities, situations, themes, places and experiences. Please see the submissions page, including the section on exclusions, for further details.

Total length should be 60,000 to 70,000 words. Do not send excerpts from any work which is incomplete. If Wendigo is interested in your work, we will ask to read the entire work. If we are still interested, we will discuss appointing an agent and representing you.

Paranorm accepts long fiction submissions, mainly novels, about and for teens and young adults, set in non-western or mixed western and non-western cultures and contexts, dealing with the characters, places, situations and themes found in these settings. Please see the Submit page for legnth and other requirements.